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Quotes About MK

"I was so worried about winning, it was as if I was caught up in my ow web." --- Michelle Kwan


Quotes From MK fans

  • Michelle is now a living legend now without an Olympic gold medal.
  • Michelle owns the Nationals!
  • MK era: 1995 ~ ?
  • Michelle has a history.
  • Michelle Kwan - The Living Textbook of Ice Skating for any female/male skaters Today and in the Future. ... by TopModelAthletePolling

MK "words"
  • kween - queen
  • kwanfused - confused ... by kwanette1998
  • kwanatics - Kwan fanatics
  • kwaniacs ... by aldreen
  • kwandruple - quadruple ... by Cailtin D. (friend)
  • sashaite ... by Kwancierto de Aranjuez
  • kwangratulations - congratulations ... by ShanShan
  • Kwancouver 2010 - Vancouver 2010 ... SkateKeeper

Quotes From Michelle's competitors

"Nationals won't be the same without Michelle. She always brings an atmosphere of excitement. She'll be missed by the crowd and the skaters because she's such an icon." --- Kimmie Meissner
When I was 13, 14 and 15, she was a role model; I always admired her work ethic. --- Sasha Cohen

She was one of the few skaters who didn't lose her temper, who would have a bad day and have a great attitude and come back and try again. That was something that took me a while to learn. There's more importance to that than people can understand. --- Sasha Cohen
Every second of her program should be photographed because it is perfect. --- Carolina Kostner (2005 Worlds bronze medalist)

I could sit here in the tribunes and watch Michelle Kwan skate for hours... --- Carolina Kostner

For a long time already, we are equals in the sport. And we skate together for so long that we almost became like relatives. It is easy to be with Michelle. Despite all her achievements, she is not arrogant, not like "I am a star" - things you can sometimes notice in other skaters. She is a normal, adequate, well-mannered person who never displays her bad mood or her problems on public. I was truly sad she didn't come to China. I wanted to compete with her, or even just to chat since I can speak English." --- Irina Slutskaya

Quotes From Famous People
Michelle means more to the US Olympic Committee than perhaps any other Olympian. --- president of the USOC
It's a level of strength and character that few of us can imagine; a grace under pressure that few of us will ever attain. It's why an Olympic gold medal would not have made us love or admire her more. --- Peggy Fleming
Michelle is a legend, a rock star in skating. --- Frank Carroll
She's been through a lot throughout her entire career and this is a new challenge for her. She's never had to come back from an injury during the entire season and she's always stood up to every other challenge that has faced her and I don't see why she couldn't handle this one as well. --- Michael Weiss
Michelle has been a marvelous champion. She's a terrific athlete. It's clear that skating fans everywhere adore her, and they should. She's been a terrific image for the sport of figure skating. --- Ron Hershberger, president of USFS
If she can't do Nationals I think it would be stupid not to send her to Torino. Look how many times she has won Nationals before! She doesn't need a tenth title, and if she feels it's good for her to skip it then she should do what's best for her. She deserves the bye. There are many good lady skaters in the US right now, but Michelle is very different. When she skates she – oh, it's so hard to describe in English – she has a magical quality. You want to watch her, you don't take your eyes away from the beginning to the end. With other skaters, not so much. You look away. --- Brian Joubert
Working with Michelle was for me like a gift from God. She is an amazing person and an amazing skater. She works like crazy and she skates like a goddess. --- Tatiana Tarasova
Michelle Kwan is an incredible artist, she wears her heart on her sleeve when she performs. She has grown so much from every influence in her career, and she has made herself the biggest star there ever will be in figure skating. She's down to Earth, friendly and always positive. Nobody will ever match her longevity or her ability to be such a strong competitor. --- Johnny Weir  
Michelle always has something nice to say. She is the type of girl that would give you the coat off her back if you were cold. She's intelligent and extremely warm and she's really a pleasure to be around, nothing diva at all. --- Johnny Weir  
I can't talk about Michelle without showing my favoritism. She's my baby. If anyone can make the most of a situation, she can. --- Brian Boitano
I practically had a meltdown in Salt Lake City, [on Michelle's bronze medal finish at 2002 Olympics]. I want her to retire [from Olympic-eligible skating] so she can skate with me. --- Brian Boitano
No skater has ever captivated the audience better than Michelle. She does not even need to be moving to command the attention of everyone in the arena. --- Dave Black, Photographer

God gave me a present, the biggest present of my life --- Rafael Arutunian (current coach of Michelle)

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