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Quotes About MK

"I was so worried about winning, it was as if I was caught up in my ow web." --- Michelle Kwan

Quotes From Fluff
2004 A&E Biography
Michelle Kwan has grown up in front of our eyes. From child prodigy, to exuberant teenager, to beautiful young woman, in victory, and in defeat. She has always shown the heart of a champion.
She's just amazing, just amazing. You can just never underestimate that young lady. She's got incredible strength. --- PF
She is just phenomenon. She's been so steady, and you know, been on top for over ten years. --- PF
To be in the building when she skates really well is a magical thing. It's a very magical thing, and she's definitely one of the greats in my mind. --- BB
She is a legend in her sport. One of the most decorated skater in history, yet the one prize she wants the most has eluded her so far, the prize that she has dreamt of since she was a little girl.
When you least expected, you think oh everybody is kind of counting her out, and then she'll just go out there and wow everybody, and we'll all be just sitting there going "I just can't believe what we just saw". She's just amazing, just amazing. --- PF
I was like "oh my god you are going to go for another one? That's going to be 4 years. It's gonna be so long." but she's a great competitor, it's what she likes to do. I think that she would feel lost if she didn't have the competition. She lives by something that competition gives her. --- BB
I don't think that Michelle's skating is about medals. I think it's about challenging herself, and scaring herself to death. I think she thrives on competition. --- PF
She's not afraid to take a chance, and she's not afraid to be a warrior. --- VW
Michelle Kwan has always been a hard worker. It was a quality instilled in her by her parents, immigrants from China and Hong Kong who stressed the importance of hard work.
I think she was about maybe eleven years old, and I was amazed. I mean, she had incredible spring in her legs, and she had great energy and vitality. She was awkward and, you know, wore ill-fitted clothes, and just had raw talent just coming out her ears. And I mean, you'd have to be blind not to recognize it. --- FC
I don't want to watch any skating when I'm on the road, but I would go out and watch her every night, because I really loved that she had this soul. --- BB
The first night of the show in 2002, we opened in Dayton, Ohio, and you know she won the bronze that year. And she came out, and they announced her name, and she got a standing ovation.  And she skated, and before she was finished, again the last minute people were on their feet. People just love her, just love her, the most loved skater, probably in the history of figure skating. --- TC
 I think the Worlds after the Olympics really cemented her as a legend. That ability to come back, that ability to skate to that level when the chips are down, when she came out of such a traumatic Olympic year--I think that puts her in the history books. --- VW
With or without Olympic gold, Michelle Kwan is already one of her sport's greatest champions.
I absolutely see her soul when she skates, and I think everybody in the building feels that, because she just has it. It's something you can't teach. --- PF
"Michelle has brought elegence, confidence, competitive spirit. This sport doesn't realize how lucky it is to have had her in this world." --- DB
"Michelle is the very definition of a champion."
2002 Interview post Olympics
"Michelle Kwan skates with her heart. It's her passion and artistry above all that have made her the most decorated skater America has ever produced."
"Everybody slips sometimes, but Michelle Kwan slips less often than most."

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