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Quotes About MK

"I was so worried about winning, it was as if I was caught up in my ow web." --- Michelle Kwan

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NOTE: Dick Button (DB), Peggy Fleming (PF), Terri Gonnon (TG), Scott Hamilton (SH)


2004 Worlds – Long Program

Well she settle the whole audience down and focused them down on her performance.* It's quite a talent. --- PF


2004 Nationals – Long Program

“Even when she makes mistakes, where were they? That’s the wonderful heart she has shown.” --- DB


The brillience of Michelle Kwan once again, on display. If there were any doubts about the next Olympic games, they've just been erased. --- TG


Dick Button said “Oh my god” 3 times regarding Michelle’s seven out of nine perfect 6s and two 5.9s.


2003 Worlds – Long Program

And this young woman has more heart, more resilience, and has touched more people than any other skaters in the world. --- PF


Look at the face! I love it I love it! --- DB


She is loving what she is doing right now. This is where she really belongs. --- PF


She was really out there feeling every moment of it and enjoying it. Relaxed, confident, she was awesome --- PF


I think she skated with heart. She skated with emotion and passion, and you can't ask for more than that. She lifts you off your seat. --- DB


2002 Olympics – Long Program

"It wasn't perfect, but it was courageous. She never gave up on the performance. She skated throughout. Beautiful artistry. --- SH


"She's got to know that she's one of the most respected skaters ever to step on the ice." --- Sandra Bezic


2001 Nationals – Long Program

"In basketball there's MJ, in figure skating MK, Michelle Kwan." --- TG

1999 Nationals – Long Program

Notice the delicacy of her movements. She is strong and fast and powerful. Everything is very light and easy. --- DB


Almost anybody else can fall and you don't think twice about it. When Michelle falls it's like national news. --- DB


1998 Nationals - Short Program

There is such a joy to her skating, she seems to embrace us with it. --- DB


I think that the overall aspect of her skating is so brilliant, so full of ease and joy, delicacy. --- DB


You know I just forget that we are watching a short program when I see her do this, she just blend all these elements, so beautifully. --- PF


* A man with a tutu on, no shirt, was on the ice while Michelle was on the ice warming up right before her long program.


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