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"Ever since I was in the seventh or eighth grade, I've had tutors. I really didn't meet any other students, get the normal school life. I wanted to go all out [at college], be in the dorms, meet other people, be like another student on campus. It might be a little hectic because I have to leave early in the morning to go skate and probably go to bed early. I want the whole experience that I missed out on in high school." --- Michelle Kwan

On this page I'll describe my star's life and career: the successes and failures, the joys and sorrows.

     9-time U.S. National champion, 5-time World champion, 2-time Olympic medalist, Michelle Kwan has always been a champion both on and off ice.
Chapter 1
Early Years
     Born on July 7, 1980, Michelle was the youngest child of Danny and Estella Kwan. Michelle's sister, Karen Kwan is 2 years older than her, and brother Ron Kwan is 4 years older.
     Michelle first got onto the ice when she was 5, after watching her brother Ron playing hockey. Michelle and Karen both fell in love with this sport of figure skating. At age 7, little Michelle won her first competition. As Michelle and Karen got better and better at skating, they became more serious. The Kwan family has always been very supportive.
     The Kwan sisters have always worked very hard. Sometimes Michelle would win a competition, sometime Karen would win. In 1992, Michelle went to Lake Arrowhead to train with Frank Caroll, who would be along her side in the next 10 years.
     Finishing off 9th at the Junior National Championships that year, Michelle and Frank Carroll were a little disappointed. At only age 11, Michelle had a big plan. How could she achieve her dream, which is to go to the Olympics, if she's not a Senior skater before 1993? Thinking about her dream each and everyday, little Michelle went to take her Senior skating test when Frank was out of the town. Frank had no idea about this until he came back after the weekend, and as you can see, Frank was furious when he heard the news.
     Michelle passed her senior test easily, but the hard part is how to become a mature skater. At the 1993 U.S. National Championships, Michelle astonished the skating world by finishing 6th! In the next Olympics year, Michelle took her first U.S. Nationals medal - the silver. With the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan* affair going on, Michelle was left off the Olympics team even though she was second. Michelle was so close to achieve one of her dreams she had, but also so far. In the months after the Olympics, Michelle went to her first World Championships. 13-year-old Michelle WAS the U.S. team that year. With so much hopes and pressure, she finished 8th, and won the U.S. two spots for ladies for the 1995  Worlds.
Climbing To The Top
     After the 1994 Olympic year, Michelle felt that she could do it. With new and higher hopes and dreams, Michelle wanted to go to the 1998 Winter Olympic Games. At 1995 U.S. Nationals, Michelle won her second national medal, again a silver. Landing more triple jumps than any other competitor did at 1995 Worlds, Michelle finished 4th.
     At this point, Michelle knew that she had to do something. She skated two perfect programs but yet not even on the podium, she realize that there was something wrong. The judges were looking for a LADY world champion, not a GIRL champion. Therefore, Michelle and Frank Carroll turned to choreographer Lori Nicole. 1995-1996 season was Michelle's breakthough season. Skating to Salome*, Michelle became an artist on ice. First winning the Grand Prix Final, then the U.S. Nationals, and finally the World Championships! 15 year-old Michelle is now officially the best skater in the world!
     Michelle was now growing up in front of millions of people's eyes. Climbing top was the easy part, but staying at the top was harder than she thought. Michelle was doing shows, exibitions with all the elit and professional skaters in the world. With so much pressure, Michelle fell in 1997.
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